7 Different Types of Buttons Materials

The button is one of the clothing fasteners or other sewing and knitting accessories that is used to close the open part of clothing. In this article, we are going to examine the buttons in terms of their materials.

The following common groups of buttons exist in the market regarding their materials.

  1. Shelly buttons

Most of the buttons are currently made of petroleum products in the market. In the past, buttons were made of shells and they had a special beauty. Nowadays, buttons are produced with artificial petroleum materials. The quality of buttons is determined by its sound, that is, they throw the button on the ground and listen to the sound or hit the buttons together. A skilled button seller can distinguish the quality of the button by hearing this voice. This kind of buttons are not resistant against fire and act like gasoline, so using this kind of buttons requires caution.

  1. Wooden button

All kinds of buttons are currently made of petroleum products and are painted by your desired color. This method is also applied in the wooden buttons. Buttons made entirely of wood have a high price. The button sellers usually prefer wood-designed buttons which are also reasonably priced, and the manufacturers are usually more willing to work with this model of buttons.

  1. Yellow pen or copper buttons

This kind of buttons have a copper color and are available in the market in all designs and sizes and mostly used in jeans. The materials inside the button are the petroleum or hard plastic, which is called yellow pen because of the design and color of copper.

  1. Dim gray buttons

This button model is exactly as same as the copper button which has been on the fire and turned black after a while. The dim gray buttons exist in the market in all designs and sizes and mostly used in jeans fabric.

  1. UV Buttons

UV buttons refer to those buttons which have a gold or silver color and can be painted. Notice that a good UV button is one whose body is not damaged after painting, i.e. it is painted uniformly. This button model is available in the market in all sizes and base designs.

  1. Polyester buttons

It is the shelly button on which there is a thin shiny layer, which is called a thin layer of polyester. Polyester layer has a special color, and this button model also available in various sizes and models in the market.

  1. Metal color buttons

These buttons are named according to their color and are usually available in all sizes. These models of color buttons are made of metal and have a high color scheme and cannot be painted, and any desired color can be found in the market. If the desired color is not found, the same color will be used.