Different Features of a Good Online Haberdashery Store

Panaxmart haberdashery online store which provides sewing accessories, sewing supplies, tailoring accessories and matsuno glass beads, has launched the best online haberdashery in Dubai for the well-being of its customers and reducing the cost of goods. Regarding living conditions in these days, lack of time, traffic, air pollution, etc., it has become a little difficult to go to downtown markets, so many people tend to buy from online haberdashery stores.

Well, with a simple search on the internet or instagram, we can find many online haberdashery stores, but can all these stores meet our needs or not?

A good online haberdashery store should first have a complete list of haberdashery items, not only sewing equipment. Also, it must have materials and supplies of various arts and crafts, including embroidery supplies, accessories and all kinds of glass beads, etc. so that you can experience a comfortable and easy purchase. But the criterion of goodness of an online haberdashery store is not limited to this case, issues such as honesty in delivery and reasonable price are also important factors which confirm the goodness of Panaxmart haberdashery online store in Dubai.

Panaxmart haberdashery online store in Dubai has tried to provide you the best sewing accessories, matsuno glass beads and art and crafts with a great variety of the best products, very reasonable prices, high quality and fast delivery in an online and easy space.

Haberdashery Accessories

Haberdashery accessories include different categories, which we will examine separately in this category and the items that fall into these categories.

Weaving Accessories

Weaving accessories include the following:

Types of knits

Weaving machines

Weaving hooks

Weaving Mill

Handicraft Accessories

Another type of accessories sold in a haberdashery store is handicraft accessories, which include the following:

Cloth and carpet accessories

Crown accessories

Decorative bead


Decorative corona

Soldering iron machine

Decorative chains

Needle felting accessories

Leather and leather accessories

Felt and felt accessories

Needle braiding

Fishing line

Needlepoint, cashmere, embroidery

Flower accessories

Decorative flowers

Stones and Jewels

Stones and jewels are among the other accessories that are sold in haberdashery store and they are considered as haberdashery accessories and include the following:

Stone bar

Sewing stones and jewels

Thermal stones and gems

Decorative stones and jewels

Rhinestone accessories

Decorating accessories

Adhesives and accessories

Sewing Accessories

As we said earlier, some haberdashery stores sell sewing accessories, in addition to haberdashery supplies. Sewing supplies like haberdashery supplies include different categories, which we will examine in the following.

Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing machine accessories include the following:

Sewing machine belts

Sewing machine motor

Sewing machine tube

Sewing machine oil

Sewing machine needle

Sewing machine base

Sewing machine lamp