Different Kinds of Buttons

Buttons are small things used to fasten two parts of a garment. The button is an element which makes a difference and improves the quality of men or women clothing, a piece of leather or a pair of jeans. Using a special design, shaped and colored buttons are considered as a style of beautiful and classic buttons. Buttons are different in terms of materials, colors, and shapes and the quality of a garment, a piece of leather, or a pair of jeans will be enhanced through the use of buttons.

The button is a small round disk which is usually attached to a piece of clothing to ensure it is open or closed or for decorative purposes. Because the buttons decorate and enhance the beauty of the clothes, they are considered stylish and fashionable.

The best buttons have the following features:

  • They are flat and attractive.
  • Their size corresponds to the thickness and size of the button and the thickness of the fabric.
  • They have the same length and width.
  • The button holder is neat and clean and extra threads are removed.
  • Slit should be smooth and flat; there should be no gaps or stretches when the button is inserted in the buttonhole.
  • The button hole must be made before attaching the button to the garment.
  • Some fabrics should always be tested, and if there is no suitable layer for sewing, a lawyer should be used for the button.
  • The buttons are usually located on the right side of the women's clothing and on the left side of the men's clothing.
  • Horizontal button holes are safer and prevent gaps when opening the button.
  • Vertical buttons should be used when there is a ribbon or slit in the middle.

Button Hole

Buttons are usually paired with a button hole. Moreover, a decorative loop of fabric or string may replace the button. Buttonholes are sewn by a sewing machine. Buttonholes often have shoulders at both ends. The shoulder is a vertical stitch that strengthens the end of the buttonhole.

The size of the buttonhole is equal to the distance between the two shoulders, but the inner cut of the buttonhole can be large or very small in such a way that it restricts the button or easily gets out from the buttonhole. The proper size of the button hole is equal to the total size of the button plus the thickness of the button. The thread will be cut by a blade mounted on the sewing hook after sewing. At the end of the sewing process, the thread should be cut backwards or it must be gathered under the plate of a machine neck.

Types of buttons

  • Leggy button
  • Two-hole button
  • Push button
  • Fabric buttons with strong embroidery and crochet hooks (usually with cotton thread) that create a form on the button or loop.
  • Embossed or frog buttons are buttons made of fully knotted strings tied with a loop.

The buttons are different in the following cases:

  • Size (ligne).
  • Design shape (round, oval, rectangular, triangular, square, etc.).
  • The distance between the holes and the number of holes.
  • Thickness (height of the button).
  • The method of making the back of the buttons (convex, concave or flat).
  • Materials from which buttons are made (leather, polyester, metal, animal horns, oysters, ivory).

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