Different Types of Buckles

A buckle is a device used to connect two separate ends of a belt. Using buckles was very common and necessary before the invention of the zipper. Various buckles are utilized in different shapes and sizes according to their usage and fashion. Buckles are still widely used today, and their usage has gone beyond just tightening the belt. Belts are one of the key accessories for men and they are usually seen in all of men clothes. This important accessory is very effective in dividing your body. If buckles are not chosen correctly, the difference and beauty between your shirt, pants and even your coat will become invisible.

Buckles are usually set with shoes, both in terms of material and color. Buckles vary in terms of shapes and sizes according to their function. Therefore, many types of buckles are used compared to the past. Buckles are composed of 4 pieces such as the frame, chape, bar, and prong.

One of the most important components of a buckle is the frame. The frame holds the other pieces of the buckle. Buckle frames vary in shapes, sizes, and decorations. Frame shapes may be square, rectangle, oval or circular. The frame decoration determines the shape of a buckle. Decorations of the frame could be wedged shapes, picture references to people and animals, and insignia of an organization.     

Chape is another part of a buckle. Chapes which come in different designs fit the bar in order to secure one strap end before fastening the adjustable end. This feature can make the buckles to be removed and interchanged easily. Most of belt buckle chapes are manufactured in the form of plates.

The prong which is referred to pin or the tongue of the buckle are manufactured from steel or other metal types. Prong will be just used if the tongue is permanently fixed in the position. The function of bar is to grasp the chape and prong to the frame  

Buckles are made out of various materials such as metals, pearls, wood, leather, glass and polymers. Metal buckles were mostly manufactured from brass, iron and silver metals based on their function and usage. Metal buckles are very strong and durable. Second, pearl buckles are usually manufactured from oysters. This kind of buckles are mostly used for women clothes. Third, wooden buckles are the cheapest kinds of buckles because they are produced by simple machinery. Fourth, leather buckles are not completely manufactured from leather and they are mostly bought by women for matching with their garment color. Fifth, glass buckles which have a decorative function are created by gluing individual discs of glass to the metal frame and setting a wire into the back of a glass disc, and then threading the wire through a hole in the fretted frame of the buckle. The sixth and the last kind of buckles is polymer. These buckles are widely used in snap-fit buckles.