How to Attach a Brooch to Your Suit

Using and putting a brooch is not a stressful process, and by observing following instructions, you can make sure that the brooches are properly put on your clothes and they do not look uncomfortable or strange.

It will be much easier to put a brooch with a butterfly clamp which includes a magnetic hook and a screw. In this case, you just need to pass the pointed part through the button hole and press on the brooch (if there is no button hole, pass it through the shirt itself) until the sharp part of the brooch go out from the other side and lock inside the pin.

The brooch should be placed on your sleeve and strongly fastened to ensure that it does not rotate on your sleeve when moving. When wearing a long-legged brooch with an adhesive attachment, some men prefer the brooch surface not be placed in front of their sleeves, which is a conservative option.

Putting the brooch in front of the sleeve is a bit more modern and can actually be considered as a prominent feature for your cover. The color of the brooch metal should match your other clothing, watch, wristband, or bracelet.

For those men who often wear long-legged brooches in their clothes, they can ask a tailor to put a fixed part behind their sleeve so that the brooch stays in its place.

Choosing the color of the brooch

After you chose the size and design of your desired brooch, now, is the time to choose the desired color of your brooch. The color of the brooch should match the rest of your outfit to complement it, and it must not be incompatible with your outfit. If you are in doubt, look for a neutral brooch, such as white or gray.

Brooches should often be used with a tie or bow tie, and the most important thing is to avoid repetition. So, you should use a brooch which has a same pattern and color as your tie or bow tie. Accessories should complement the rest of your outfit and not look like it exactly.

How to put a brooch

The brooches should be always on the left edge of your dress, which is near your pocket. By putting the brooches on the right edge of your dress, you will reduce the impact of the accessories and cause the brooches to lose their effects.

Using multiple brooches is a complex style and it is only acceptable if one of the brooches be decorative and the other be a promotional or symbol of a particular day. Never use a brooch as a fastener.

As mentioned in the above, brooches can be used for both formal and informal purposes. As an instance, make sure that the brooches indicate your intentions. For example, using a white flower for a job interview is not a good choice!

Customized brooches can be a great way to customize your outfit, but try to avoid flashy designs such as letters, nicknames, photos or logos.


No matter how you choose brooches, a brooch is considered as a great tool to make your suit more stylish. It should be a personal choice that fits your style, so do not worry about adding it to your outfit.

If you are concerned, start with a small and subtle brooch and then look for bold brooches. There is no reason to use brooches only in formal occasions and it is really a simple and effective way to add a wonderful effect to any outfit.