Ostrich Feather Trims

One of the ostrich benefits is that all parts of its body, such as feathers, skin, meat can be used. This bird is highly profitable in terms of income. Different parts of the ostrich body can be used in the fields of medicine, science and art. One of these components is ostrich feathers, which we will mention some of its common uses in the following.

Feather is the best product of ostrich. The quality of ostrich feathers is completely unique and ostrich feather trims are extensively used in decorative cases due to its beauty and delicacy. Even the most advanced technology is not able to imitate the beauty, tenderness and natural waves of ostrich feathers. Also, no tool is efficient as much as ostrich feathers for cleaning because it generates static electricity. High quality ostrich feather trims are used in different industries such as the manufacture of decorative accessories, hats and clothes. Other types of ostrich feather trims are used to clean delicate machinery and equipment and dust removal. The ostrich feather trims should be pruned once every eight months. But the quality of the pruned ostrich feather trims will decrease after 4 to 5 years. About 24 initial remexes are obtained from each adult male ostrich. The total weight of a 10 to 14 month old ostrich feather trim is about 45 grams and its size is about 10 to 150 cm.

Ostrich feather trims are one of the best natural dust collectors in the world, and they have many applications. Ostrich feather trims lack static electricity and absorb static electricity that is present in the dust and easily remove dust from objects. Ostrich feather trims are very useful in factories which have electronic and computer systems. Ostrich feather trims are also used for cleaning delicate equipment such as cameras, microscopes, computers, decorative accessories, removing dusts from household items and clothing.

Painted ostrich feather trims

Some ostrich feather trims are painted in the best way in order to become more beautiful and attract the attention of different customers. Therefore, they are widely used to produce decorative accessories. Most of ostrich feather trims are painted in various colors such as, yellow, red, green, blue, white and black which are the best-selling colors of ostrich feather trims in the market.

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