The Art of Tailoring

Tailoring is one of the main human arts all around the world. This practical art has a lot of fans from the past to the present and many men and women are familiar with this art at different levels. A person who professionally sews, repairs or changes clothes is called a tailor because he has a special interest in fabrics, fashion and clothing. Regarding the importance and antiquity of tailoring art, Panaxmart online shop in Dubai introduces this practical and popular art to the world of art lovers in this article.

An Introduction of Tailoring Art

From the time of the first humans until today, wearing clothes has been a necessity and every person tends to adorn his appearance in the best possible way. So, the color and design of clothes should be artistic, beautiful, up-to-date and in harmony with the environment. Hence, the profession or art of tailoring was created and became one of the most important and efficient occupations of the society, and it grew and updated day by day along with other arts and professions. From the past until today, this art has had many fans and many men and women are familiar with this art at different levels.

History of Tailoring Art

Tailoring is an art which may be as old as human life. This art emerged from the time when human beings felt the need for covering. Early humans, who were unfamiliar with tailoring, used animal skins and tree leaves to cover their bodies. Several years later, humans became able to make needles with the bones of birds, fish, and narrow straws and they used animal intestines as thread to sew animal skins together and make clothes from them. Man's urgent need for clothing led to the rapid development of this art and each ethnic group created its own clothing which was compatible with the culture and customs of that nation. Evidence obtained from paintings and excavations in caves and inscriptions reflects the traditions, beliefs and cover of each period. Artifacts obtained from around 5,000 BC show the shape of ancient Greek women's clothing. These clothes were made of uncut fabric. The both sides of these clothes were being sewn together and tied with a strap. They looked like a blouse and skirt. The wide shoulder was gathered with special pins, and the length of the dress depended on their taste. In the past, the fabric was placed on people body and shaped to their liking, then sewn and pinned and sewn, or some, based on experience and without a pattern, cut the dress, which required several stitches.

Two tailoring masters named Vionnet and Shanel, who had a special sensitivity and talent for aesthetics and social issues, discovered changes in body and organs lines. Although the interpretation of these two designers was different, they should be considered as the creator and main inventor of modern simple and comfortable clothes. As the science and experience expanded, different methods of tailoring were gradually developed and used in different countries.

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