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Different Kinds of Buttons

Buttons are small things used to fasten two parts of a garment. The button is an element which makes a difference and improves the quality of men or women clothing, a piece of leather or a pair of jeans. Using a special design, shaped and colored buttons are considered as a style of beautiful and classic buttons. Buttons are different in terms of materials, colors, and shapes and the quality of a garment, a piece of leather, or a pair of jeans will be enhanced through the use of buttons. The button is a small round disk which is usually attached to a piece of clothing to ensure it is open or closed or for decorative purposes. Because the buttons...

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7 Different Types of Buttons Materials

The button is one of the clothing fasteners or other sewing and knitting accessories that is used to close the open part of clothing. In this article, we are going to examine the buttons in terms of their materials. The following common groups of buttons exist in the market regarding their materials. Shelly buttons Most of the buttons are currently made of petroleum products in the market. In the past, buttons were made of shells and they had a special beauty. Nowadays, buttons are produced with artificial petroleum materials. The quality of buttons is determined by its sound, that is, they throw the button on the ground and listen to the sound or hit the buttons together. A skilled button...

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