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Creative Ideas for Darning Clothes

Darning clothes is a useful solution when our favorite sock or dress is slightly worn or torn. Since we like it very much, or because it is in a good condition, we do not want to miss it. Darning clothes is a very simple skill. If you know how to darn clothes, you will save you a lot of money and you can extend the useful life of your clothes and socks. For this reason, in this article, we tried to collect principles and tips that will help you to darn your clothes. Darning clothes such as darning the trouser fabric and using a piece of fabric which is similar in terms of color and material are current methods of...

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How to Choose the Best Sewing Needle

Using sewing machines is not common nowadays like the past, and families prefer to buy ready clothes. However, some housewives still work with thread and needles and sometimes design and produce clothes. Therefore, an important issue such as the needle arises, which determines the final quality of the sewing. The appropriate sewing needle is selected based on the type of fabric, thread and sewing. For example, if a large needle is used to sew thin and very sensitive fabrics, the fabric texture will be damaged in such a way that the final quality of sewing is reduced. Therefore, many professional designers and tailors choose needles and their size according to the type of fabric models. In this article, we intend...

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